Software products for professionals

Our mission is to improve the productivity of our customer's organizations by providing low-cost knowledge-based products that manage complex processes, supported by state-of-the-art technology.


MASTA core activity is development of software products for Industry 4.0 and IT sector. Read more..

We also offer comprehensive consulting services for organisations willing to improve software products  development processes.

With 15+ years experience in software product development for market leaders we will be happy to take the opportunity and help you to solve the most software development management issues related to:

  • COMPLEXITY management (multiple products shared between multiple stakeholders and multiple development teams),

  • DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTIVITY (performance measuring and monitoring),

  • STAKEHOLDERS TRUST (development transparency in software houses).

Want to experience the expertise of MASTA for yourself? Please contact us to get more details and check how we can help your organisation to make next step forward and excel software development processes.