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PIQ-ME-NOW on the ZDMP SubCall blog

MASTA participated in the ZDMP SubCall blog creation. We published there an article about our project PIQ-ME-NOW: its motivations,...


MASTA realises project MATTRESS with the SHOP4CF society and the progress of works you can follow on our blog. Today we wanted to share...

Experimental setup in PIQ-ME-NOW

We established an experimental setup in the PIQ-ME-NOW project that we are realising with ZDMP society. We defined the deployment...

CaCaMat poster

What, how and why - simple story of CaCaMat project is told by the poster you can download below.

PIQ-ME-NOW - our new project with ZDMP

We are happy to announce that we start PIQ-ME-NOW project with #ZDMP! Our research in this project will focus on the quality control. We...

CaCaMat Apps are ready

The web applications that were developed by us within the Market 4.0 have been already published on the M4.0 platform. The first one is a...

It's time for kickoff!

So here we are, our CaCaMat project is officially started. Some great new stuff is coming soon! #Market40

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