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Halftime of PIQ-ME-NOW

PIQ-ME-NOW project aims at facilitating meaningful inline quality control in a factory (see more here). After the M5 of the total 9-months project period, we were able to define the Quality Checks semantic model and to define the first version of Asset Administration Shell based sub-models. We developed prototype model templates and defined sample model instances to be used in future validations of the solution. We also started to implement some technical aspects of the project, including among others integration with the ZDMP components and adopting our shop floor terminal to enable tracking of Quality Checks.

In July we focus on continuing of technical implementation, it is software development and

integrations. In August we should be able to start a phase of execution and project validation to see if we are able to achieve our KPI's for the factory where the system will be deployed.

The KPI's are quite ambitious, however highly attractive for the future adopters of the solution:

1. Reduction in the number of products requiring manual reworking after the final inspection by 50%, and

2. Reduction of generated scrap by 25%.

If the KPI's are achieved, the efficiency of the factory will improve significantly thanks to costs reduction.

So, the first half of the work is behind us, and the most exciting period is beginning, in which we will observe the results of our efforts so far and possibly make adjustments to achieve our goals.

Keep your fingers crossed and follow us here.

This project has received funding within the FSTP mechanism of the ZDMP project founded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631.

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