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We are behind the middle of POET4POEM

We are so excited we can share with you scraps of what we have done so far within the project.

Figure 1. POET4POEM component - Feedstock Intensity and % Circular inflow KPIs visualization

We are finalizing our 3 software components:

  1. to collect information about production scrap, used energy and other resources for two domains - metal and plastic.

  2. to automate plan and schedule with use of resources efficient strategy (including minimizing use of electric energy and maximizing scrap consumption)

  3. to detect anomalies for instance in electric energy consumption to schedule maintenance operations in advance, enlarging the life cycle of the machines.

Figure 2. POET4POEM component - Resource consumption per order analysis

Work on pluggable sensors that will in real time process data on electric energy consumption is being continued. These will be installed on 2 machines on MCH premises and on 2 machines on MJP premises.

Figure 3. POET4POEM pluggable energy usage sensors

We have also started integrating works relating to the Kyklos 4.0 components:

  1. we did use the Kyklos identity provider,

  2. we modelled 4 products in LCA Simulations Engine, 2 of MJ Polymers and 2 of MCH Polska and have started works on integrating the component with the energy sensors,

  3. we started integration with Kyklos Back End

Figure 3. KYKLOS 4.0 LCA Simulations Engine (

In June and July we plan to finish integration and carry out validation. The project will end in August and then you can expect us to present the full results of the experiment.

The POET4POEM has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation action programme, via the KYKLOS 4.0 Open Call #2 issued and executed under the KYKLOS 4.0 project (Grant Agreement no. 872570).

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