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How will the EVO-R programme impact our digital sales development?

In November 2023, we launched a new sales digitalization project for our MeMOM platform, a manufacturing operations management system that supports flexible manufacturing. It enables the management of almost unlimited flexibility in the manufacture of products, allowing full adaptation to competitive production. We want to increase its availability and allow undecided users to test it.

We are implementing this project as part of the EVO-R programme, sponsored by EIT Manufacturing and supporting the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme, co-funded by Horizon Europe - the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.

This programme will allow us to digitally automate sales in 2 areas:

1) building the software environment according to customer requirements and

2) digitally deploying customers with limited involvement of consultants on the MASTA side.

In particular, we are developing a pipeline and adapt our product deployment to become cloud agnostic on the IaC (Infrastructure as a Code) premise integrated into the sales process. It will give the customer a choice of cloud service providers and variants for each environment: low-performance, high-performance, green-powered cloud or private cloud.

Moreover, we are developing an interactive component for easy customer on-boarding. Its aim is to provide a guide to the application, tutorials and prompts that will be responsive to the user activities. It will show appropriate provisions or training videos of the tutorial depending on the user action and highlight the icons, buttons, fields etc. to click on for the user achievement of a required result. 

The project will last until September and by then we intend to bring the solution to market.

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