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Results of HOPE_FOREMAN (video)

We are completing these days the project HOPE_FOREMAN we carried out with CMBIT and SHOP4CF. Thank you everyone engaged in the project - team of MASTA, CMBIT and SHOP4CF.

We are very pleased with the project results - we developed 2 components:

  • HOT-MAMMA component - a significantly enhanced version of the MAMMA component (delivered within MATTRESS project), providing scheduling and assignment functions with explicit consideration of employee preferences, capabilities, task history and regulatory constraints. The component includes both backend and web-based frontend.

  • PEPESHA web-based component - provides access to personalized information and support for each employee across the shop floor.

The work of the above components is supported by the following components of SHOP4CF, being integrated:

  • MPMS, which orchestrates processes between the global and local layers,

  • FIWARE, which is responsible for communication between the global and local layers.

We validated the solution in an operating production environment of CMBIT. As a result of implementing the HOPE_FOREMAN solution, CMBIT has seen an increase in OEE by 4,6 percentage points. The employees approved the solution in 100% and their overall feeling after a working day rose by over 17%.

Watch a short video to learn more on the usability of our solution.

This project has received funding within the FSTP mechanism of the SHOP4CF project founded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873087.

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