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MASTA's participation in
the Evolution of Regional Innovation Schemes programme
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M4 update

22 March 2024

The first weeks of the EVO-R project have allowed us to gather requirements for the components under development. Work on software development continues.

Kick-off of the RIS EVO-R project

27 November 2023

We are proud to announce that another project involving us - EVO-R within the EIT Manufacturing - has started today.



EVO-R is the competition organized by EIT Manufacturing that aims to attract, select and support entities coming from countries covered by the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS). The winners receive financial support, as well as in-kind support such as trainings, coaching sessions or match-making opportunities. EVO-R supports activities undertaking innovative small-scale manufacturing solutions from the demonstration stage (TRL 7) through to market uptake (TRL 8-9). The grant is awarded to activities that have already selected and concluded under the regional or national funding programmes in the RIS countries that aim to scale up into European and global markets.

We qualified for the programme with our MeMOM platform development project. Our gol is to launch digital sales of the product.

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